Why The Republicans Will Lose.

Hat tip: Bunny

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6 Responses to Why The Republicans Will Lose.

  1. “There’s only one god, and his name is Clint!” – That made me ROFL.

  2. dano says:

    I hate to say it but this guy is plain NUTZ. I watched a few of his videos and he seems like a real winner (if you get my drift). If he were on my side I would not be promoting him other than as a flaky comedian. Sorry this is a FAIL!

  3. D.J. Miller says:

    Dan-O, coming from a hard core Republican such as yourself, this is not a surprising opinion.

  4. Dan-o says:

    DJ, I actually refer to myself as a conservative or tea party member. Although I typically vote republican, with the exception of Jesse Venture…that was a FAIL, if someone would ask I would say conservative. So thank you I guess. Have you watched any of his videos? He may be short a couple cards in his deck if you know what I mean. Before you say anything I know that there are some nutty conservatives as well but I would not post their videos either as they come off as lunatics even to me. I’m just sayin’.

  5. Drivebyposter says:

    Someone that endorses tea partiers literally has no legal right to criticize who other people choose to represent them in any capacity. You probably shouldn’t be allowed to use a microwave unsupervised. But…safety laws always lag behind severe injuries.

  6. StevoR says:

    This Dusty Smith guy should stop pulling his punches and tell us what he really thinks! ;-)

    Sorry but whilst he may be right I’m not a great fan of the whole shouty ranty approach. It gets tireseome and irritating quickly. Dunno about others but people shouting at me rubs me the wrong way – whatever they’re preaching.

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