6 thoughts on “Why The Republicans Will Lose.

  1. I hate to say it but this guy is plain NUTZ. I watched a few of his videos and he seems like a real winner (if you get my drift). If he were on my side I would not be promoting him other than as a flaky comedian. Sorry this is a FAIL!

  2. DJ, I actually refer to myself as a conservative or tea party member. Although I typically vote republican, with the exception of Jesse Venture…that was a FAIL, if someone would ask I would say conservative. So thank you I guess. Have you watched any of his videos? He may be short a couple cards in his deck if you know what I mean. Before you say anything I know that there are some nutty conservatives as well but I would not post their videos either as they come off as lunatics even to me. I’m just sayin’.

  3. Someone that endorses tea partiers literally has no legal right to criticize who other people choose to represent them in any capacity. You probably shouldn’t be allowed to use a microwave unsupervised. But…safety laws always lag behind severe injuries.

  4. This Dusty Smith guy should stop pulling his punches and tell us what he really thinks! 😉

    Sorry but whilst he may be right I’m not a great fan of the whole shouty ranty approach. It gets tireseome and irritating quickly. Dunno about others but people shouting at me rubs me the wrong way – whatever they’re preaching.

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