Santa Clause vs Alan Alda — Religion vs Evolution

The attention of the Two Little Cousins and Huxley the Baby was easily diverted to the back of the house while Cousin Randy slipped out the front door into the cold dark night wearing the red suit and fake beard, carrying a bag of toys and a strap of sleigh bells. Suddenly, Cousin Chris exclaimed that she heard ringing sounds, and this made everyone stop talking and listen, theatrically. Sure enough, there was the sound of bells from somewhere outside! The two little cousins had a good idea what this meant; Huxley the Baby did not. Then, Grandpa exclaimed that he thought an animal had passed by the side window … a deer, maybe. No, said Grandma, a reindeer! Then there was a thud on the side of the house, and moments later a loud knock on the front door, which promptly flew open, letting in a cold draft, a few flurries of snow, and a large man with red cheeks and a gleam in his eye. …

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One thought on “Santa Clause vs Alan Alda — Religion vs Evolution

  1. At times I’ve wondered whether it was a good thing to pretend to be Santa for my kids were they were little. Even though I was only able to get away with it for three Christmases it totally convinced them. As they got older they were suspicious but still didn’t think it was me until saw the photos of me in costume.

    Still they both turned out as atheists/agnostics (I’m not exactly where my son stands) with a serious questioning streak.

    Too bad the horrifying segment in the doc couldn’t have been expanding into a study of paredolia and the subconsious mind.

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