Trayvon Martin was on the phone to his girlfriend just prior to the incident in which he was summarily executed by a Neighborhood Watch Volunteer, based on a report from ABC news. According to her, “He said this man was watching him, so he put his hoodie on.” He was then cornered by the man, at which time Trayvon said “What are you following me for? … then the man said ‘what you doing around here?’ … Then somebody pushed Trayvon ’cause the headset just fell.” Then the line went dead. Based on the timing of call logs, this happend just seconds before George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon in the chest.

Meanwhile, the reports that came early this morning that the Justice Department will investigate Trayvon’s murder have further developed: According to some reports (via radio to this blogger) a Grand Jury will convene on April 10th.

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10 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin: Final Phone Call, Grand Jury

  1. Was this converstion recorded? I’d hate to have nothing more than her word about it. I have no reason to doubt her and I want to see Zimmerman punihsed for the mrder of Trayvon. I just want the case to be sewn up tighter than a duck’s ass. And that means every part of the case has to be beyond reproach. Unfortunately taking the word of someone on the phone with Trayvon won’t do thatl A man with a gun chasing an unarmed teenager shouldn’t be allowed to even think of saying he was defending himself.

  2. The story appears to imply that they do have a recording, so that’s good:

    Martin’s father, Tracey Martin, and mother, Sybrina Fulton, listened to the call, along with ABC News, ashen-faced.

  3. ZIMMERMAN told police that he’d stepped out of his truck to see what street he was on, and Treyvon jumped out of nowhere and attacked him, and he shot in self defense.

    This story doesn’t even match HIS words on the 911 tape, nor the calls from the OTHER 911 tapes. Whether or not he and his girlfriend actually had the conversation is irrelevant seeing that it would be easy to determine that he WAS on the phone talking to her at the time…and it WAS determined. And it was easy to determine that he felt threatened…he RAN, and THAT according to Zimmerman himself, on the 911 tape. It would also be easy to determine how close the truck was from the shooting. Not very, I would bet…

  4. I don’t think Martin jumped Zimmerman, but what if he did? Wasn’t he standing his ground? If you are followed and a your stalker gets out of his car, are you not justified in trying to beat the guy up?

    Not that I think this actually happened. But if it did, wouldn’t it be standing your ground?

  5. I think this is disgusting and unjust!!! A 17 yr. old boy was stalked, confronted, and then killed!!! The person who did this is still walking around!! The fact that Trayvon was unarmed, and not committing a crime there was NO REASON for Zimmerman to approach him, even after the police told him not too. He’s an instigator and a coward!! Even if a fight did break out between the 2 (which we know there didn’t) why would you shoot and kill a 140pd kid? As a grown man you were scared of a 140pd child? How can you wake up every morning and call yourself a man? And what is it being investigated for? Its clear what happened here, 1 person unarmed the other person armed!! What else you need? And that self defense law went out the window for Zimmerman when he ignored direct instructions from a 911 operator and did just what he wanted to do!! Sanford police department is a fine mess,and they don’t care about that young boy or his family!! This is a tragedy!! People look out!! Foreigners are now above the law;(

  6. this just goes to show you that things have not change black young men are still endranged. first i will like to say that to the mother and father of trayvon martin my heart goes out to both of you i got chills just listening to the 911 call. the facts is the trayvon was unarm walking down the street when did that become a crime. to trayvon family don’t stop fighting for justice. zimmerman was looking for trouble that day he was armed and following trayvon. the sanford police department blow the case they too should be on trail how do a cop at the sence states the zimmerman was fine it was self defence when there was no investigation and no weapon found on trayvon martin not even trying to find out why he was there in the neighborhood why black people do live in nice places or visitnice places this is 2012 we have a black president lets wake up

  7. Francisco @6, there was an editorial on CNN’s site yesterday making exactly that claim: under the ‘stand your ground’ law currently in place, if Martin reasonably felt threatened by Zimmerman (and feeling threatened as a teenager alone at night being followed by a big dude in an SUV seems reasonable) then he would have been within his rights to use force, including potentially deadly force, without any requirement that he attempt to retreat first.

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