24 thoughts on “Church Does Unbelievably Bad and Stupid Thing

  1. I had trouble starting it, but clicking on the pause button and then play did it for me.

    This wasn’t a fake kidnapping. It was a real one. Someone needs to go to court over this one.

  2. The eternal optimist in me sees the uptick in religious inanity/ insanity in our country as their death knell. Whatever part of their brains actually continue to function, is telling them it’s over. We’ll have to watch our asses for a while. But this is the beginning of the end for these people. I’m sure the victims of this little instructional caper are have second thoughts…about alot of things.

  3. 10 years in jail sounds about right to me. For the sake of everyone, these utter nuts need to be reigned in. This needs to be made an example of what happens to people who actually kidnap and imprison people, not an example of religious people exercising Free Speech rights and being let off for it.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding. This is kidnapping. The Pastor should be thrown in jail. The victim will be having nightmares for years. How could anyone think that this was a good idea?

  5. This is an aftereffect of the religion being reformulated in the late 18th century as “Muscular Christianity”, wherein male worshippers were to develop and respect only hyper-macho qualities like virility, heroism, militarism, exercise, muscularity, sports — and inevitably misogyny, since the surest way to refute effeminancy is hating all feminine qualities and the women who exemplify them.

    How else is a pastor sitting behind his safe desk in his safe town and spending his time talking for a living supposed to think he’s a Manly Man, except to promote the idea that the mere act of being Christian is full of danger and risk?

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing happens. There isn’t a crime a pastor can’t get away with – especially in a country like the US.

  7. I really think the pastor & police officer should have talked with parents first to get their input as well as the church’s committee. This really sounds like a bad idea to me. I will agree with you on this one.

  8. This isn’t a wholly uncommon tactic. When a nearly identical kidnapping was performed on myself and my youth group, we were at a church camp. One that was far enough from anywhere to not get cell signal. The parents did not know, but my youth leader did. And she let them do it to us.

    I’m just glad someone is finally getting prosecuted for this behavior.

  9. That’s right dan-o, get every ones input except the victims. But hey, they’re just property anyway, so no big deal.

    And really, how is this behavior any different from the fucking over that children get from religion in general, be it home “schooling”, the Good News Club, indoctrination in the public school system, teaching creationism as science, faith healing and corporal punishment ?

    But as long as the church committee is in the loop then all’s well in your nasty little world.

  10. The pastor has a real problem. No one in this country is going to persecute his flock, so he has to do for them.

  11. I hope the DA does press criminal charges against the Pastor, the cop, everyone in that approved of it (including parents), and the people that did it. I hope they get some serious time.

    The cop was flat out stupid. I’ve been shooting since I was 5 or 6. 1st rule – There is NO SUCH THING AS AN UNLOADED GUN. All guns are always treated as if they are loaded at all time.

  12. The cop should have known better and the pastor should have behaved better. I hope they are prosecuted and serve some hard time and the church gets sued out of existence by the kidnapped girl.

  13. Oh, and what happened to basic gun safety? Do not put a weapon at someone if you have no intention of using it (even if you believe it is “safe”).

  14. I wonder what would have happened if one of the kids, sufficiently frightened, had fought back and caused injury. An eye jab; a handy letter opener… It’s never a good idea to fake any sort of attack.

  15. These are militaristic Hitlerjugend tactics. Anyone know if this church has links to reconstructionist/dominionist ideology?

  16. The cop should have known better and the pastor should have behaved better. I hope they are prosecuted and serve some hard time and the church gets sued out of existence by the kidnapped girl.

    I agree. Having experienced a situation as a young teen where I thought I was going to be murdered I completely understand what that poor young woman went through.

    Real prison time is in order for these morons.

  17. Unfortunately the kidnapping charges may come down to wither legal president puts the pastor/other adults as the guardians of the children at the time. A parent, school acting as guardian, etc can hold minors against their will legally.

    I imagine that is at least some part of why the DA hasn’t filed charges yet. Being run out of town at the wrong end of a pike might be another reason.

    The handy way around this is abuse charges. Leaving bruises and the emotional abuse would constitute child abuse and should be prosecuted. Go for kidnapping or unlawful detention if you can get it but if you can’t at least try them as child abusers.

  18. RH, neither loco parentis nor the rights of parents allow for traumatic insanity involving guns and kidnapping to be used against children.

  19. F
    My point was that you might have to use a charge that was not ‘holding against their will/Unlawful detention’ due to Loco parentis.
    Specifically, child abuse (verbal and physical), assault with a deadly weapon (threatening life with a gun, doesn’t matter if it is loaded), etc.

    I don’t claim what they did was in any way ok, but legally the narrow charge of holding them against their will might not stick. When a parent locks their child in a closet the charge is child abuse not kidnapping.

    Though I should point out IANAL much less a criminal law specialist.

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