Now TWO white guys are talking about Diversity!

You will recall the post I wrote yesterday on diversity. In it, I mention’s Agnosticism and Atheism section, run by Ausin Cline. Austin has written a post addressing the diversity issue.

I can also tell you privately that there is a third party engaged in this conversation who will hopefully post about it in a day or two or maybe Monday. I’ll let you know.

Austin is pretty much falling on his sword in his post, blaming himself, which is always nice. But of course, he was only doing what everyone else is normally doing, and as he mentions, the people who voted in these polls, well, the’re the ones who voted in the polls! If underrepresented groups are being ignored, it’s the masses that are the asses at least to some extent.

Austin is going to work on this, everyone is going to work on this, and dagnabbit, we’ll make the world a better place one way or another.

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One Response to Now TWO white guys are talking about Diversity!

  1. James Sweet says:

    Awesome. We need more of that.

    I was just saying over at Natalie’s blog yesterday that the biggest thing in helping me understand issues of privilege and diversity has been giving myself permission to be wrong… To be able to admit, “Yeah, I’ve been acting in a sexist/racist/etc. way” and realizing that doesn’t make me a horrible person, that it’s just something to work on, and I don’t have to get all defensive about it. It seems Cline has done that here. Bravo!

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