14 thoughts on “Keith Ellison on the Burning of the Koran

  1. Alverant,

    I have never understood why anyone(you) would burn the symbol of the USA other than to retire the flag after years of service. Is it to show you hate this country & prefer to live in Canada?

  2. dan-o,

    What part of “freedom of speech” don’t you understand? I don’t see anything in Alverant’s comment that implied that he burned flags or was advocating the burning of flags. He was just pointing out (absolutely correctly) that the attitudes of (some) Muslims towards the Koran and (some) Americans towards the US flag are very similar.

  3. If someone burnt a British Flag in protest and said “we just burned your flag! the most probable response would be “No, I think you’ll find it was YOUR flag…”

  4. shargash @ # 3: … the attitudes of (some) Muslims towards the Koran and (some) Americans towards the US flag are very similar.

    The word “idolatry” comes to mind in both cases.

  5. dan-o,
    When did I say I burned the flag or that I hate this country? It would seem that you are the one who hates this country since in your world you can’t protest against it. I think you’d be happier in Iran or North Korea or Thailand where your freedom of political speech is nonexistant.

  6. I have always contended that a patriot *must* burn the US flag, and not just in protest, just to show the extent we allow freedom of speech in our country.

    It is a symbol of the USA, is is not a substitute for it. It harms no one at all, it isn’t even offensive.

    It would be great in war too. Burn our flag while leaving theirs (whoever) intact.

    Leaving it intact might even become an insult (which like burning it hurts no one).

    It is a statement of patriotism that you *can* burn the flag.

    The people who take offense at the act are the true enemies of the country

  7. dan-o,

    Anybody with an an ounce of sense would prefer to live in canada.

    Burning a flag used to be a requirement to get in but now you just have to burn a koran.

    Does that clear it up for you ?

  8. The only time I would burn a US flag (other than to retire it) would be the day that the execrable idiots in Congress finally succeeded in making it illegal. Until then, as Peter Cranny astutely pointed out in #4, it is my flag. Since it represents my right to dissent.

  9. Reminds me of the Bill Hicks flag burnin’ ‘bit’:
    “Hey buddy, my daddy died for that flag”

    “Really?…I bought mine…They sell ’em in K-Mart…”

    “yeah..He died in Korea for that flag”

    “Wow, what a coincidence. Mine was made in Korea…”

    “No-one, and I repeat NO-ONE has ever died for a flag. A flag is a piece of cloth, they might have died for freedom, which, by the way, is the freedom to….Burn the.. fucking flag you see??..Burning the flag doesn’t make freedom go away”

    Given that the burning of a Koran causes Milsums to get all frothy around the mouth and start killing each other, what would happen if a whole bunch of people started doing it every day and posting it online? (This is NOT a suggestion, I repeat this is NOT as suggestion, it is a *purely* hypothetical question)

    Do you think they would *ever* reach the point of saying, “Ah fuck this, I’m done in with all the murderous raging. Can we not just calm down a bit?”

  10. @Bill Yeager

    I think it’s a great idea.

    When mockery and ridicule of Islam is as ubiquitous as it is for xtianity then the target for Muslim hysteria will be so diffuse that there will not be enough radical Muslims (who I hope are a minority) to run amuck each time their oh so fragile holy book and prophet (piss on his name) is insulted.

    This is where main stream media abdicated their responsibility to free speech when they decided not to print the very newsworthy cartoons. By caving in to Muslim extremists they guaranteed a never ending and escalating cycle of religious extortion.

  11. Just out of curiosity, what would happen if you printed the Koran onto the American flag and gave it to these rioting wingnuts? Being simultanously inclined to destroy it and not destroy it, would their head a-splode?

    (I’m sure with a big enough flag and a small enough font on both sides it could be done, though it might be quite an effort)

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