8 thoughts on “Jessica Alquist on CNN

  1. Ace, I disagree – this spot should not have been about the T-shirt. The shirt should have been a one-off mention, with more attention being paid to he speaking about all the Xtian love she’s been receiving.

    If she were plugging products, it just feeds the delusions of people who say she was put up to it, or is just in it for the money.

  2. Jenn from Phire Branded Apparel here. I just wanted to let everyone know that JT’s t-shirt idea has generated well over $5000 (so far) for Jessica’s college fund! Thanks to the little boost from the CNN interview and all of you blogging about it, that number is still climbing.

    Y’all rock!!

  3. Yes, Jessica would make a superb president. She is calm, articulate, intelligent and mature.

    The Representative who calls her an “evil little thing”, on the other hand, is immature and undeserving of holding on to their position of responsibility.

  4. Somebody needs to tell the GOP that this is what intelligence, maturity, rationality and winning personality look like. I doubt any of them look at ftb.

    A-h-l-q-u-i-s-t. Note the haitch

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