Help save Budget Travel from certain Blogospheric Destruction

Which is what will have to happen if they actually list the Kentucky Creation Museum as one of the top 15 places kids should see before they are of 15 years age. Budget Travel is running this crowd source internet poll and of course the Fundies are out in force clicking on the Creation Museum, Kentucky, which is currently in third place behind the US SPace and Rocket Center in Alabama and the Smithsonian, but ahead of Yosemite.

You can click on as many attractions as you want, and do it every day. Personally, I’ve been clicking on everything with four digits worth of votes so far but that is not the Creation museum. It only takes a minute. Go and help out!

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4 Responses to Help save Budget Travel from certain Blogospheric Destruction

  1. Has not PZ been pointed in this direction?

  2. Drivebyposter says:

    I think he has but this is apparently one of those “vote once a day” polls that needs more attention

  3. People say that this poll has been extended, too. I don’t know when it was supposed to end previously, but now the deadline is Feb. 28, and there’s no reason to think it’ll be extended again, even though they’re enjoying the publicity.

    PZ might have thought posting about it once was enough under the old deadline.

    Glen Davidson

  4. mal099 says:

    They already put the Ark Park at #1 for another list once:

    Then again, their treatment of the Ark Park wasn’t too respectful, so we can at least hope that they’ll crack another little joke about the Creation Museum this time.

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