We Stand with Planned Parenthood

You all know about how Susan G. Komen for the Cure has screwed over women and broken ties with Planned Parenthood under a false pretense, bowing to pressure from Right Wing Yahoos. (See this.)

You probably want to sign this letter to “all of the anti-choice, anti-women people out there.”

I love it. It’s a rant from Planned Parenthood. Go sign on.

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7 thoughts on “We Stand with Planned Parenthood

  1. “This is for all the anti-choice, anti-women people out there.”

    Wow, way to be as divisive as the people you’re mad at.

  2. This ALMOST makes me want to attend an SGK event with a big sign reading “God LOVES Breast Cancer.”

    But then I remember–as they have forgotten–that there are human beings involved here.

  3. Bill, I think it’s an accurate description, though it’s unnecessarily harsh. While people who oppose Planned Parenthood might not realize that they are pushing for something that will decrease the quality of life for women, they are making the US a less friendly place for women.

  4. Hundreds of thousands of dollars per year is at stake here. There can’t be any “don’t realize” or “didn’t know” or “oh, we just changed our rules, sorry” The language used here by Planned Parenthood is not as harsh as it could be to match the severity of the act.

    By the way, is anyone out there driving around with a pink ribbon on your bumper, or planning to run in one of these races for the cure in the near future? If so, what are you going to do about that?

  5. It isn’t a false pretense, and they didn’t “bow to pressure,” they quickly and cheerfully dove to the floor under the pressure, given that their new president, Karen Handel, is a rabid forced-birther. I’ll put good cash money on the proposition that Handel even believes that abortion causes breast cancer, but won’t come out and say that, because while being forced-birther in public isn’t yet reason not to get invited back for dinner, people might point and laugh if she spewed that particular canard.

  6. The past 2 years I’ve donated to Komen and worn a pink shirt in October so I could wear jeans at work one day. Not anymore. And I’m taking your advice, Greg, and sending the lapel pins I received when making the donation and I’m sending them to Planned Parenthood with a check.

    Reduce breast cancer mortality by cutting funding to clinics that screen for breast cancer!

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