Women in Secularism Conference: The Prequel

The Center for Inquiry will host a Women in Secularism Conference this May, in Washington, DC. Melody Hensley, Executive Director of the DC CFI, who by the way is my FFF, will join Stephanie Zvan on Atheist Talk Radio this coming Sunday to talk about the conference and the broader issues of women in secularism. You have the opportunity NOW (well, between now and Saturday Night, I suppose) to suggest questions or topics of discussion for Sunday’s Interview.

Just go here, get the details, and speak your mind: Atheists Talk: Melody Hensley on the Women in Secularism Conference

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(FFF = Facebook Friend Forever)

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4 Responses to Women in Secularism Conference: The Prequel

  1. Simon says:

    PLEASE can you link to the conference website in the blog post: http://www.womeninsecularism.org

    We need a few inbound links for Google to bump it up in the rankings :-)

    Event Coordinator for CFI DC

  2. Greg Laden says:

    I will; I’ll write a whole post doing this. The current post is intended to funnel readers towards Almost Diamond’s post so they will participate in the conversation Sunday, so I only put the one link there to avoid diffusion.

  3. Melody Hensley says:

    <3 FFF

  4. Melody Hensley says:

    Calling all Reddit people. Please upvote! Women in Secularism: 2012 conference


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