It is reported that

An Indonesian civil servant could face a five-year jail sentence for using social media to deny the existence of God.

Alexander Aan, 31, wrote on a Facebook page that “God does not exist,” prompting an outpouring of religious fervor in the largely Muslim country of 240 million, the Associated Press reported.

Facebook can be a dangerious place.

Asian Beat has a more extensive writeup, and Digital Cuttlefish has written a poem on this and related topics.

Hattip: Julia

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3 thoughts on “Indonesia: Atheist Busted For Being Atheistic

  1. I did, but it’s a different poem than you link to–that one is about last year’s similar blasphemy trial, where a Christian was sentenced to 5 years for his anti-Muslim actions. I don’t expect good things for Alexander.

  2. This is why I can’t have the same kind of cynical attitude about the U.S. that I’ve seen others in my social circles exhibit. As bad as things are here sometimes, and as bad as things could be under a Romney/Gingrich presidency, I have never ONCE felt afraid to post my opinion about ANYTHING on Facebook. I have never ONCE worried that I would be arrested for saying that god is not real. Events like this are consistent reminders that I can’t act as though life is hard for me or it’s not worth speaking out because of the little pieces of flak that get thrown my way, not when things like this happen everyday elsewhere. In fact, I’m off to Blag Hag’s privilege admission thread, because between THIS and Cromm’s ‘Shuffling Feet’ post, I’ve got some serious admittin’ to do…

  3. You might want to know that I am running for president in 2016. A key part of my platform is economic sanctions on Indonesia for persecuting atheists. We will also raid shipping, but give all civilian crews a chance to escape and give them one years wages as compensation.

    My administration will also support the destruction of all towns and villages where persons who object to having a Jesus and Mo as a Facebook picture have relatives residing. There will be warning bombings to show we are serious. We will deliver food aid and building materials to construct a new town to the survivors.

    I probably shouldn’t be president. And before you thing I am some kingd of anti-Muslim person, please remember that I would have already sent Boykin to the gulag along with every other person who had met with “The Family” or had been to the C Street House. We have our own Taliban right here at home and they are a far greater threat that anything overseas.

    Please note I am not for real here, this is just what I would do if I had my Ring Of Gyges. And you know Glaucon is right. We submit to law and values out of weakness. If you woke up tomorrow with he powers of a major superhero, you would reshape the world according to your will.

    Maybe what was wrong with W is that he thought he had the ring when he really didn’t.

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