Atheist Billboard Erected in Minneapolis

Minnesota Atheists has put up a billboard in Minneapolis. My friend Lynn Fellman got a nice photograph of it:

Billboard by Minnesota Atheists

Billboard in Minneapolis by Minnesota Atheists. Photo by Lynn Fellman.

Let the controversy begin!

For more information, here’s the link to Minnesota Atheists.

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29 Responses to Atheist Billboard Erected in Minneapolis

  1. Kevin says:

    That’s terrific! A refreshingly positive message, but sure to inspire controversy and discussion, nonetheless. (Though the aesthetics of the sign are on par with some of those tacky anti-abortion billboards… Still, as a fellow Minnesotan atheist, I am proud.)

  2. sisu says:

    Yay! do you know where that is? I see 701 on the building but can’t quite place it. It kind of looks like the east part of downtown/Elliot Park?

  3. Greg Laden says:

    I believe it is on Washington Avenue North, or at least, visible from there. So the other side of downtown (but with a similar look!)

  4. Eric Jayne says:

    There are TWO billboards up! The one pictured above is at 725 North Washington Ave. in Minneapolis (warehouse district, visible to south/east bound traffic) and the other is in St. Paul at the intersection of University and Lexington (visible to University east bound traffic). The one in St. Paul has a different message. I’ll provide pictures soon, unless somebody beats me to it.

  5. MikeMa says:

    Lovely. It will inspire religious persecution crap for sure but lovely.

  6. sqlrob says:

    Billboards defaced in 3…2….

    Comics Sans? Really guys?

  7. James Croft says:

    Perfect timing! The Humanist Community Project ( just released a post on this very topic, giving some insight into the design of a very effective, very beautiful billboard campaign:

  8. Melody says:

    A baby is allowed to talk in Comic Sans. :P

  9. physioprof says:

    Jeezus died for comic sans.

  10. bbgunn says:

    Jeezus died for comic sans.

    Little known made up fact: The Latin inscription ‘INRI’ (Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Iudaeorvm), asserted by the RCC to have been placed above Jeezus’ head on the cross, supposedly was written in Comic Sans and not in Times New Roman as historically portrayed in religious paintings.

  11. Eric Jayne says:

    You might want take a closer look because it’s NOT comic sans font. We searched for many alternative fonts that wouldn’t be comic sans but would still reflect the child/innocent theme of the billboard which also satirizes the “pro-life” billboards scattered around the state. So to reiterate, it is NOT comic sans.

  12. MikeMa says:

    Comic Sans or not, the message far surpasses the font in importance.

    OTOH, if it were Comic Sans, when it is defaced by some repressed christian asswipe, you can at least take comfort that it might have been the font that set him off.

  13. Eric Jayne says:

    Here’s a link to a picture of the Minnesota Atheists/American Atheists billboard in St. Paul. It’s on University Ave. two blocks west of Lexington Ave. It’s visible to eastbound traffic going toward downtown and the state capitol:

  14. Morejello says:

    I’m betting it doesn’t make it 24 hours before it’s vandalized by someone who wants you to know what a loving and respectful religion christianity is.

  15. Coragyps says:

    I like the St Paul message even better than Minneapoliis’s. Either would last about 45 nanoseconds here in West Texas – but then, you would never find a billboard company here that would even put them up. And we’re under outdoor burn bans, anyway.

  16. beergoggles says:

    Motion activated cameras are not that expensive these days and would totally bust the fundegelical that is sure to deface it.

  17. A3Kr0n says:

    That’s gotta turn some heads. I wonder how much one of those billboards would cost. I’d love to put one up by the politically correct, denomination neutral church where I live. And then a billboard with a map of Planned Parenthood’s Abortionplex from The Onion.

  18. Lou Jost says:

    That looks really good!! And it looks to be out of reach of casual vandals. Congratulations to all involved.

  19. F says:

    I like the way the installer appears to be making eye contact with teh bébé.

  20. Ian says:


    Sorry to be OT but it is likely that the town of Nazareth did not exist 2000 or so years ago but purely was a theological invention.

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  22. @Eric Jayne
    It might be visible to traffic, but since the photo’s on Facebook it’s not visible to many others!

    Good campaign, though.

  23. spectaro says:

    Not sure who this message is supposed to reach. The “FreeThought” community is all for indoctrination into their extremist ideology.
    Yes, teaching your child to deeply hate 85% of the world is the polar opposite of teaching him or her to think for him/herself.
    Feminism 101, anyone?
    Freethought is the most ridiculous misnomer. You have to swallow an enormous amount of dogma to believe it describes your belief system accurately. Religion=bad, responsible for everything that’s wrong with the world. Anti-theist=good, fighting the good fight to bring about Utopia by destroying religion. Teach your children to hate and fear those sub-human creatures that believe in gods with a lower-case “g”. Crazy conspiracy nuts don’t believe we landed on the moon. Freethinkers believe that Jesus never existed. Is your babby free to think about this absurdly arbitrary fringe belief that spectacularly fails to explain the evidence? Cognitive dissidence is the hallmark of indoctrination. Denying the ubiquitous prevalence by the clever label is a pernicious aspect of “free-thinking” ideology. While religious parents teach their children that name-calling is wrong and hurtful, freethinking parents encourage and role-model verbal abuse. See our billboards? Ha ha! They’re awesome! Right kids? If jesus existed, where are the billboards?
    Freethought Sunday school lessons-
    1. Everybody draw Mohammed!
    2. Successful mission to secretly infiltrate a Catholic mass, receive Holy Communion, pocket the wafer, and either desecrate it mockingly on the spot (hey, they gave it to me. Hee hee!) or gift it to PZ Myers to rub even more Catholic noses in it.
    3. Allege you’ve received death threats. It simply won’t occur to the Freethinkers whether evidence exists. Demanding evidence is for the purposes for dismissing claims contrary to our deeply entrenched biases.
    4. File a lawsuit if the word “God” is displayed using a capital G. Or if you spot a symbol or even a piece of a debris resembles a cross in public view.
    5. All priests are pedophiles or colluding with pedophiles. Children are being raped by priests as we speak!
    6. As an atheist, you are a victim of theocratic oppression, distrusted, and despised by the rest of society. Except in Europe where the population is too intelligent to believe in God.
    7. Memorize an impassioned rant when someone asserts that the US is a “Christian Nation.” Unless it’s the title of Sam Harris’ book.

    I have to go to work, now. So much more to say!

  24. spectaro says:

    one more
    8. Jesus is a myth because we reject all the evidence because it was included in the New Testament. But the evidence for CAGW is solid proof. Only an evil person could reject the overwhelming scientific evidence. DENIER!!!

  25. Raging Bee says:

    Tantrum-throwing troll throws a tantrum.

  26. David Marjanovi? says:

    You might want take a closer look because it’s NOT comic sans font. We searched for many alternative fonts that wouldn’t be comic sans but would still reflect the child/innocent theme of the billboard which also satirizes the “pro-life” billboards scattered around the state. So to reiterate, it is NOT comic sans.

    It almost exactly as ugly as Comic Sans.

    That’s because it’s almost exactly the same as Comic Sans.

    While I am at it, that yellow is among the ugliest colors I’ve ever seen. It looks like carefully hand-picked for ugliness.

    Jesus is a myth because we reject all the evidence because it was included in the New Testament.

    What evidence?

    That’s a serious question.

    But the evidence for CAGW is solid proof.

    Define C.

    No, we won’t get a runaway greenhouse effect like on Venus where it’s so hot it doesn’t rain anymore. We won’t even come close. Chances are pretty good we won’t even replicate the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum when the whole world was a tropical paradise.

    Yes, we will need to evacuate Bangladesh if things go on the way they currently do.

  27. David Marjanovi? says:

    If the idea was to parodize anti-abortion billboards like this one, it worked! Remarkably un-cute baby, bad yellow, horrible font – it’s all there. :-)

  28. Ian says:

    Excuse my ignorance but, what does CAGW stand for?

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