Not wanting to assume that if you read The X Blog that you also read all of the other fine blogs at, I want to point out Stephanie Zvan’s coverage of the coverage of the recently erected Minnesota Atheist and American Atheist billboards: Press Coverage on the MN Atheists Billboards

I don’t think we’re going to see defacement or serious protests because this is Minnesota. Our aggression is more passive than that. I happen to agree with Stephanie on the degree of success of the campaign so far.

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3 thoughts on “Atheist Billboard Coverage

  1. I’m fine with this cross-pollination on FTB; there’s usually just too much for me to read, so if I see everyone talking about it, I figure it’s bigger news than most and I look into it more.

  2. I read X Blog, Dispatches, and Pharyngula. I simply don’t have time to read the others, but if one of you three link to another article/website, I will read that as well.

    Thanks for the link.

  3. Your right Greg this is mn and there will not be protests to this most likely. But it is still a very Christian state so I expect groups to petition the courts for an injunction, and unfortunately they will most likely win. Now I am not an athiest yet nor a very good Christian due to reasons I said in another post, I wholly agree with the first amendment. I could care less about the religious polotics ( or lack of religion ), I just hate seeing constitutional rights infringed.

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