Congratulations to Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson
Rebecca Watson (Photo from here: )

Skepchick founder Rebecca Watson has been awarded the Blag Hag Most Influential Female Atheist of 2011 Award!

The awarding blogpost is here.

The acceptance speech is here.

I’m very happy Rebecca won this award, and I’m also glad Greta Christina came in a strong second. The other women on the list were all deserving of recognition as well.

And when I look at this list I am not left feeling that there are any particular men that should be added as tokens. Funny that. (Especailly funny if you go read Rebecca’s acceptance speech!)

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Rebecca Watson

  1. Well, judging by their compensatory behavior I do think a few of her critics would *ahem* fit in the slots on arcade game machines…

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