Vintage Drive, Michigan homeowners found a warning attached to their mailboxes about their “Christmas lights” (otherwise known as “Holiday Lights” or “Winter Lights”). They were warned that this, as well as the use of mistletoe, yule-logs, and wreathes were pagan practices and should be avoided by true Christians. Local church-going residents vow to respond by increasing the size of their displays.

Details of this developing story here.

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11 thoughts on “Secret Christians Warn Michigan Homeowners about Pagan Holiday Lights

  1. It’s interesting that their reaction was to say, “We’re not pagan” when they should have responded, “Last I checked you can worship how you like in this country” regardless of their affiliation.

    I really hate religion…people are STARVING, diseases need to be cured, fresh water is running out, the global climate is changing radically….and they think the most important thing to do is criticize someone’s light display!!

    The arrogance, not to mention the hypocrisy of it all just boggles the mind…yet again.

  2. How does True Christians celebrate christmas in a non-pagan way? If you chuck out anything that has nothing to to with Jesus, then what’s left?

    Facing the lions in the Colosseum?

  3. What, you mean that XMas is a Pagen Celebration?

    Sure is. The approximate date and the gift-giving come from Saturnalia. The tree probably comes from pre-Christian mid-winter celebrations in northern Europe. The general air of festivity is not especially Christian, and Puritans have always frowned upon it.

  4. @Paul Hunter : December 19, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    What, you mean that XMas is a Pagen Celebration?

    It can be whatever we want it to be. Really.

    Christmas has a long and complex history being a syntheisis of a lot of myths froma lot of sources incl. pagans (Roman Saturnalia, Norse or Celtic or isrish or something and Christian mythologies) and not a little advertising creation (Cokes Santa Claus) over time. I wouldn’t ban it like the Puritans trie dto or tell anyone how toceleberate it. I’ll justenjoy it and do my thing and everyone is free to dolikewise.

    (“It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my bones” – or something, Jefferson I think, right?

  5. Gak! The typos, the typos. Sigh. Sorry folks.

    Make that :

    I wouldn’t ban it like the Puritans (Cromwell’s peculiar english dynasty anyhow) tried to do or tell anyone how to celeberate it. I’ll just enjoy it and do my thing and everyone else on the planet is free to do likewise.

    What is it with religious fundamentalists (assuming it is them not just jokers doing this to stir for teh LOz) trying to tell people what to do and how they have to exactly follow their set ritual formula for flippi’ holidays for everyone anyhow.

    Merry Hanukkah, Kwanza, Sol Invictus and oh yeah what’s thatotheroen again? I can’t quite remember, something obscure about pine deers and reindeer anyhow. 😉

    See also :

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