Is Bon Jovi Dead? And, who is he anyway?

According to The Skepchicks, as well as Facebook, Bon Jovi is not dead.

Bon Jovi holding up a sign saying he is not dead.

A photograph of Bon Jovi rom Facebook. Despite the date scribbled on the piece of paper, it is possible that this photograph was taken at any time. Nonetheless, he does look fairly alive here.

Apparently, Bon Jovi is either a rock musician or some sort of rock band. Hey, wait, wasn’t he the plumber in Ally McBeal?

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3 Responses to Is Bon Jovi Dead? And, who is he anyway?

  1. HP says:

    Bon jovi! is Cajun French, from standard French bon jeu vie. It means, “Enjoy your role-playing game, loser.”

    I could be wrong, but that’s my understanding.

  2. StevoR says:

    I used to love listening to Bon Jovi as a kid :

    Oh & for example :

    The latter being a really fortunate discovery for this Fuirefire fan. Thanks for asking! :-)

  3. StevoR says:

    Ack, Typos :

    Firefly natch.

    Notes that Wikipedia notes Jon Bon Jovi as alive still and certainly never heard anything about him dying so, um, yeah.

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