From my Facebook message thingie:

Mat Nuzareyin
We have 47 mutual friends and are both atheists.

Greg Laden
Except in real life, I have only about 4 friends, but that’s OK!

Mat Nuzareyin
Do you think stupid people should be sterilized?

Greg Laden
I wasn’t thinking that, no.

Mat Nuzareyin
Why not?

Greg Laden
why should they be?

Mat Nuzareyin
So the future generations will be smarter. And the kids wouldn’t have to work as hard to learn the same amount.

Greg Laden
You are an idiot if you think that. Therefore you should be sterilized. Only a very small percent, if any, of variation in intelligence is accounted for by parentage.

Do you know who the nazi’s were? Do you know what they did and why they did this?

You are an immoral dangerous unlikable poorly educated thoughtless selfish moron.

Greg Laden
Any more questions, Mat?

… Mat is typing …

… Greg is ignoring Mat …

I assume someone hijacked Mat’s page, because no one in this day and age could possibly think these things, right? Moments after this conversation either Mat blocked me or deleted himself.

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22 thoughts on “Atheists who are Nazis should be shamed and driven from the community

  1. He’s a 19yo immature boy with no depth (see books, movies & TV), a narrow, blinkered vision (see ditto) & (judging by his spelling) a patchy education. He is also a transhumanist & not one line of his facebook exhibits humour or wit. He could be a psychopath or typical of a certain kind of very boring young male who thinks themselves superior to the common man. He thinks he’s special or he will be one day. All in all a rather unpleasant little scrote ~ but there are so many of them about!

    Mat Nuzareyin facebook

    Snippets: Jews are retarded. Christians are retarded. Muslims are retarded. Hindus are retarded.

    Political Views: Utilitarian Extremist
    The greater good is all that matters. The ends justify the means. Marriage should not be a government institution. Support gay/incest/polygamist freedoms. For race issues, believe in equal oportunity, not special privileges. Religion of any kind should be illegal. Believe in Natural Selection of Gene Mutations (aka: evolution). Support eugenics (sterilize people with IQ’s under 100 or with physical or psycological problems, or with STDs). Support government run socialist non-communist economy. If a baby is born with a severe disability, and both parents are in agreement, they may euthanize the baby

    ” If you believe you go to heaven when you die, then hurry up and DIE!” MaT NUZaREYIN

  2. Atheists who are Nazi’s what?

    Sterilize those with STDs??? There goes what, at least half the population? And it won’t stop the spread at all.

  3. @sqlrob: Yes, what he’s done is collect together a set of prejudices that align with his world view & special interests ~ leaving out the application of critical thought. Pick’n’Mix.

    I have come to realise that atheists, non-theists, anti-theists etc etc. are averagely irrational. Just like every other ‘movement’ most of the membership don’t have a reasoned position ~ it’s as emotional for them as church-going or choice of football team to support is for others.

  4. He might grow out of it. At 19 I was pretty sympathetic to some of that stuff too.

    Good on you for calling him out. Criticism from those most like us tends to go the furthest because it’s that much harder for us to dismiss it.

  5. He doesn’t really seem to be a Nazi, he just has absorbed a few wrong ideas, or reasoned himself into them by not understanding a few key issues. IMO, it’s better to inform him and bring him around on the issues he doesn’t understand. Drive him out of the community and he might join up with some religious cult and add to their numbers and strength. I hate seeing schisms form on our “side”, even small ones involving just a few people. We should try to talk and resolve the problem by reasoning with him, not shunning like some cult might do.

  6. He’s a fan of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, and Miley Cyrus. Clearly the infection came from there.

  7. drlake, it’s a lot easier to understand eugenics than real-world genetics. Most people have a vague idea of inherited traits from everthing they forgot in high school (provided they even took biology), but when you start talking dominants and recessives, nature/nurture arguments and expressed and unexpressed genes you lose them – eyes glaze over. I’m no expert myself, but I’ve read a fair bit on the subject (and on the history of the eugenics movement – eugh), so I can hold my own. A lot of the “eugenics” out there is less a continuation of the old movements and more a smattering of point-facts and a lot of ignorance.
    On the other hand, some of them are just nazis.

  8. No, I’m not a Nazi. You can find similarities and you can find differences. People compare George Tiller, Jim Perdue, Bush, and even Obama to Hitler. Furthermore, I support gay rights and oppose racism. Why can’t you just take an idea on its own merit?

    Ad hominem is a logical fallacy that says “X is true about the person making the argument Y, therefore Y is false.” The reason it is a fallacy is that even if X were true, the truth value of Y would not be effected.

    I am perfectly willing to listen to logical arguments about genetics supported by scientific evidence, but if you are just going to use an ad hominem argument, or the Hitler-did-it fallacy, then there is no point talking with you any further.

    Also, sterilizing people with STDs wouldn’t stop them from spreading the diseases to each other, but it would prevent them from having a child with the disease.

    PS: Greg Laden, I didn’t block you because you disagreed with me, I blocked you because you were a dick about it.

  9. matnuzareyin, Ad hominem is not a “logical fallacy” if I call you an asshole because you are an asshole. Which you are, apparently. But that is beside the point.

    I’m not saying you are wrong because I don’t like you . I’m saying you are wrong because you are.

    What you are not getting is that suggesting that people whom you chose to denigrate should not be allowed to breed pretty much makes you a Nazi.

    You blocked me because you are afraid of me.

  10. Matt, in 2011 (well, even in 1950), if someone gets an STD (actually, they are called ‘STI’ now..), we treat it the appropriate medication, and EDUCATE them to keep from getting or spreading them. It is the rare child who is born with a congenital STI in this day and age. Do you even KNOW how many STIs there ARE? Probably not. Sterilizing everyone who gets an STI, is the quickest way I know to drive humans to extinction.I know of very few people who have not had at least one, and those people are probably lying.

  11. Greg Laden said:

    “What you are not getting is that suggesting that people whom you chose to denigrate should not be allowed to breed pretty much makes you a Nazi.”

    This is you trying to redefine the word “Nazi”. According to the definition of Nazi “Any person who supports compulsory selective sterilization” I would be considered a Nazi, but that is clearly a definition made up to try to equivocate me and Hitler in other areas besides compulsory sterilization.

    I could define the word “Nazi” as “Any person who believes in highway construction” (Hitler did that, too). I could also define any word any way I want.

    I’m not denying that there are similarities between me and Hitler, but I do not subscribe to the Nazi ideology.

    I acknowledge that there is not currently a precise scientific understanding of the genetics of intelligence. However, we could start by sterilizing people with defective genes we do know about (whether mental, emotional, or physical). In terms of sterilizing anyone with an IQ of less than 100, I acknowledge that that would be pseudoscience, not real science, and have since changed that part to say:

    “Support eugenics (sterilize people with serious identifiable genetic disorders, or with STDs).”

    When you are willing to analyze an argument based on its own merit, rather than by comparison to something else, I will listen to what you have to say.

  12. Albatross said:
    “Matt is unaware that there is someone at his front door with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball and a sterile surgical lancet.”

    I’m not afraid of being sterilized. I’ve asked to get a vasectomy, but they refused to do it since I am only 19. So don’t act like I’m a hypocrite. I have no problem using a donor whose sperm is more eugenic than mine.

  13. Awww, stop playing with the kid. He’ll grow up eventually. Here’s hoping he holds off on that vasectomy until he does.

    Wait, maybe he’s onto something! Perhaps we should sterilize all theists? Or was that his original suggestion? I’m confused…

    And Mat, I don’t think you meant “equivocate’. I think you meant “equate”.

  14. michaelvaughmit said:
    “Well, gee, could he be a troll trying to provoke a reaction?”

    No, I don’t piss people off for the sake of pissing them off. I just say whatever I think, without caring whether it pisses someone off or not, and if they flip out, too bad, that’s their problem.

    Also, I don’t go looking for controversy, but I am a utilitarian, so controversy usually finds me.

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