10 thoughts on “What keeps atheists alive? They have nothing to hope for!

  1. What keeps the theists alive? After all, according to them, this life is not the true life and this world is not the true world – so why do they not immediately depart for the true existence?

  2. Lou Doench, that’s as good an answer as any. It’s a pretty funny question, actually, because it’s not like you are going to die immediately if you have nothing to live for, or hope for, etc. It’s like they’re telling us that we shouldn’t do anything, let alone breathe, if it isn’t part of some master plan.

    Come to think of it, how do people who think we need something to live for/hope for have the courage to get out of bed in the morning? Surely getting out of bed has nothing to do with whatever it is they are living for!

  3. Well for me, the new Assassin’s Creed is out next week, I’ve still not played Uncharted 3 and Star Wars The Old Republic is out in just over a month. What more does a sad shut in nerd with no life need?

    Oh I have another trick to staying alive: Not being dead, that really helps.

  4. Let’s see. I don’t eat hope, breathe hope, or drink hope. Hope doesn’t keep my body temperature within normal ranges, or protect me from lethal bodily damage. WTF? How do atheists work?

  5. All they do is have sex on camera. Why do porn studios pay them so much money? There are college educated people who worked very hard and deserve to get paid hundreds of dollars. Porn actresses and actors don’t deserve it.

  6. So much to learn… So much to learn… good ‘nuf reason right there. But if you’ve memorized the only source of information and ideas you trust, the “Holy Book”, what keeps you going?

  7. What keeps me going is curiosity.

    Life is like a board game, where you draw a new card every day. There’s a whole fucking stack there, just waiting for you to dig down into it. If you believe you’re already finished before you started, or if you give up because it’s too difficult, you’re never going to read all those cards.

    I’m curious, you know? I want to know what they say…

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