The PolitiChicks Speak … about Gay Marriage and the Islam

This is a joke, right?

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10 Responses to The PolitiChicks Speak … about Gay Marriage and the Islam

  1. nanook says:

    well, someone referred to frank gaffney as an expert on islam, so…yes. they’re very….very…seriuh.

  2. Ramel says:

    Please tell me that this is a joke that I’m just not getting. Lie if you have to.

  3. Lou Doench says:


  4. Besomyka says:

    Is it even safe to hit play on that?

  5. Uncle Glenny says:

    I think I’ll just say that I pity that guitar.

  6. Winter Wind says:

    Oh. My. Random fluctuations in the space-time continuum.

    At first I thought it was obviously a parody. But then… I could no longer tell.

    If this serious… I’m scared. Very scared.

  7. Yoritomo says:

    Ouch! That hurt! Please, somebody hand me the brain bleach!

  8. sailor1031 says:

    Sorry folks – this is no joke. These loonies are serious. Just google PolitiChicks. It’s put out by some fascist group with “patriot” in its name. Be very scared!

  9. Anonymosity says:

    Snopes can’t be trusted because George Soros owns it.

    What a brain!

  10. I’m having a strange problem I cannot make my reader pick up your feed, I’m using google reader by the way.

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