Take Action in Minneapolis!!!!

Occupy Protesters Pepper Sprayed

Occupy The Police State

All around the US Occupy Protesters are being tossed out of the parks and public squares they have occupied. The New York Times is actually asking “Now that the protests are over, what will happen next?” But the 1% has forgotten something. They’ve forgotten that you don’t just tell the protesters that it is time to stop, that it is time to go home, that it is time to shut up. It has never worked that way and it is not going to start working that way now.

Thursday is the second month anniversary of the start of the Occupy Protests. The 1%, formerly known as The Man, is closing down the ongoing protests and clearing out the encampments because they want it all to end before the anniversary. Word is that they heard the protests might swell on that day, that there might be more visible action, that the Occupy movement might gain additional momentum, and thus, additional significance. So they sent everyone home, in order that Thursday would be a quite, normal, run of the mill day of the week like it usually is.

That, my friends, was almost certainly a miscalculation.


up to take action. Click here and if you can, volunteer.


on the West Bank at the UMN Law School on Thursday at 4:00 PM


show that you are part of the 99%


to the 10th Avenue Bridge

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2 Responses to Take Action in Minneapolis!!!!

  1. Francisco Bacopa says:

    I was at General Assembly tonight. Were y’all?

  2. Uncle Glenny says:

    Breaking: a Boston judge just ruled that neither the protestors nor their tents may be removed.

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