A post with a meme in it.

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This post is no longer blank. It has a great video in it:

Huxley is running in circles around the larving room and I must cook the yams.

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7 thoughts on “A post with a meme in it.

  1. Larving room. Is that where one’s offspring grows and eats until ready to pupate?

    Where did you get your yams, an African grocery? We usually have sweet potatoes here in the US.

  2. The word “yam” is used for certain sweet potatoes. It’s not a scientific word, so it can be abused. Some day I’m going to have to write a blog post on potatoes, yams, and sweet potatoes.

  3. Of course, you’ll mention that none of them are closely related botanically.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for a couple of great blogs, Greg.

  4. The relationships are interesting and complex. What I want to do is to construct a phylogenetic tree with all of the potato-yam thingies on it perhaps with a couple of other roots, and then some things that are not even food but that people will know. I have no idea what that would look like because I’ve not explored it; And it won’t be as good as the tree of the “hoofed animals” which has whales being more related to cattle than cattle are to pronghorns, but it should be interesting.

    Happy eat a dinosaur day! (speaking of phylogeny)

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