Yes, according to this:

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has not enjoyed the legal success it anticipated after the U.S. Supreme Court three years ago affirmed the right to own handguns while striking down the District of Columbia’s tough gun-control law.

The NRA since then has spent millions of dollars on lawyers to challenge state gun laws, believing the 2008 District of Columbia v. Hellerdecision signaled the judicial system was on its side. Instead, the gun-rights organization has lost numerous court cases, including in Second Amendment-friendly Texas, where a judge ruled against the NRA’s effort to give teenagers the right to buy semi-automatic handguns.

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9 thoughts on “Is the NRA losing its battle to put a gun in every dresser drawer?

  1. With hyperbole like “a gun in every dresser”, who needs real misinformation?

    As a freethinker, I would assume that a more rational, logical POV would be espoused here. Who would have thunk that an inanimate object would make so many smart, sane people absolutely lose their minds when it comes to discussing this topic.

  2. It is not hyperbole. There are many people who think the safest way to stop criminals is for everyone to be armed. In my opinion, this is very frightening. These are the last people I would want to see with guns.

  3. Yes, there are indeed people who think the only way to be safe is to have guns everywhere. That’s not hyperbole on Greg’s part in the least.
    In at least 2 recent editions of Shotgun News magazine there is in ad in the back (for the company Elzetta) that has a guy point out a “No Firearms on Campus” sign at a college and declares it to be the most dangerous thing he has seen in a while or forever or something. If I could find a picture of it I would link to it.

  4. As a Briton, I’m entirely comfortable with only outlaws — who are, after all, a minority by definition — having guns. My right not to get shot trumps your right to carry a weapon.

    If you value life unconditionally over property, that means an intruder’s life is worth more than your property — but the alternative is far, far worse.

  5. If you value life unconditionally over property, that means an intruder’s life is worth more than your property — but the alternative is far, far worse.

    It does seem that a lot of people dont’ feel that way, yet don’t manage to say it explicitly.

  6. Ah, the NRA. These are the same people who believe that Obama rolled back bans on assault weapons just so he could fool the US electorate into complacency … and repeal Amendment II in his second term!

    I imagine their court cases are every bit as well-argued.

  7. You should search on household with guns. The indication is that the number of households with guns has been dropping every year. So yes, the NRA is losing. They are only creating a group of very dangerous individuals.

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