Dr Who Regeneration … All of them.

Below the fold, of course …

Wow. The first one sounds like a Tardis. The second one looks like an old Alka-Seltzer commercial in combination with an episode of The Time Tunnel. Then its just a bunch of dizzy 70s stuff. With bad hair. Glossed over the 8th transition. I had to stop watching then because I think I’ve not seen that one … it must be in one of the movies or something.

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9 thoughts on “Dr Who Regeneration … All of them.

  1. They glossed over the 8th transition because none was shown. McGann played the Doctor in the tv movie of 1996 but was in no other episodes. In the new edition of Dr. Who, his regeneration is implied but not shown.

  2. Once upon a time I went to a grungy punk rock club in DC called the 930 club. I had huge long curly hair, big glasses, and was wearing a swallow tailed jacket with a scarf worthy of Isadora Duncan. With me was a twisted sicko friend. As we sat at a table with chaos raging all around us we became aware that the large group of tattooed leather clad shaven headed geeks at the bar were looking intently at us, and I could hear the word “who” being repeated again and again. It was clear that they were wondering who I was, but I couldn’t imagine why. Please understand that I have never owned a TV so I had no contact with popular culture and not the slightest idea of who Dr. Who was. My friend filled me in. Eventually the bravest of the geeks asked if he could join us, and wanted to know if I really was Dr. Who. Needless to say I jerked him around with all sorts of Who what who? wordplay and made him buy us a round of drinks. My twisted friend was not content so he whipped out his bic and set the poor idiot on fire. They guy loved it, so he then stuck his cigarette backwards and lit into the fellow’s mouth. He loved that too. Anything to be sitting next to Dr. Who! Eventually a lesbian catfight broke out in the men’s room. When the cops came to bust up the brawl we fled into the night. To this day I have no idea which of the Drs. Who I look like.

  3. It would be interesting to see the Doctor as a woman, though I imagine it’s quite unlikely given that Time Lords seem to only change general appearance but not on a deeper level (and of course the real world problems that still affect how women are portrayed on television). The Doctor regenerating as a non-Caucasian might be possible but I suppose we’ll see. I would get a bit of a kick if they announced the next Doctor was Iris Elba and nobody in England batted an eye (google Heimdall and see how American sci-fi fans react to a made up character who isn’t even human being played by someone with a different skin color than the comic book counterpart)

  4. Patrick, it has been established that at least one time lord has been inconsistent with regard to gender. It’s in the episode Neil Gaiman wrote, in which the Tardis is briefly embodied.

  5. You people are so steeped in your Homosapienonormative biases that you have no idea what you are talking about. Before you ask the question “Can Dr. Who regenerate as a women” you should seriously consider determining what “sex” or “gender” Dr. Who is now!!!!!1111!??

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