They do have technique: Separate protesters by sex, surround females with special protester-fencing material, and while they stand there peacefully, somewhat in shock having watched the police beat the male protesters in the street with clubs, arbitrarily spray mace into the women’s faces when they least expect it.

Shame on you, Raymond Kelly. Do you have any kids that age? I wonder what would happen if they were beaten or maced by your officers. Well, the same thing should happen here. Some cops need to go to prison. The luster of 911 First Responder victim-hood has dulled.

For those who were wondering if one of the women did something to provoke this, or if the sparying was done by accident or something, here’s a slowed down version of the clip:

And here’s a blowup of the cop who did it:

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13 thoughts on “NYC Police acting like brown shirted Nazi thugs

  1. This was horrible and not even the worst of what the NYPD did today. The dark haired man with the red jacket (Badge 7432, I believe) has been inciting violence on a regular basis. He should be indicted and publicly shamed for his actions. I want the badge number of the (Sergeant?) in the white shirt who maced those poor children. Kneeling on the throat off one young man, another suffering concussion due being tackled and having his head bounce on the concrete. Shameful and unforgivable.

  2. Things like this remind me of how lucky we had it in Madison this spring and summer. The cops and firemen protested right along with us, and we filled Capitol Square peacefully, with no riots and no arrests, every weekend and most of the week for over three months.

    It DOESN’T have to be like this.

    Shame on the NYPD. Shame on them.

  3. That was unbelievable, not only do they act like thugs when attacking the male but the women were not doing anything to warrant being sprayed with mace. Police officers need to understand that the law also applies to them and behaviour like this is unlawful. For those officers who were there and saw this and did nothing, your behaviour is just as bad. To watch as a fellow officer breaks the law and do nothing is as bad as breaking the law yourself. Do they not realise just how badly this tarnish’s them, do they not realise that anyone watching scenes like that will have the impression that all nypd officers are criminal thugs?

  4. That appears, to my limited legal knowledge, to be assault and battery. The women were clearly doing nothing at all. How is the police officer not in cuffs?

    Perhaps something happened in my sleep, but this is still the United States of America which is ruled by law, isn’t it?

  5. The pigs are the worst street gang in any city. They’re worse than drug dealers, the mafia or others because they have the false veneer of “official status” and a license to commit violence with impunity. And to defend oneself against violence by pigs will only result in being accused of a crime.


  6. Do we have evidence of clubbing? I know someone who is keeping track of the protest, in a professional sense, and they have not heard of any brutality other than this pepper spraying.

  7. Only the part where the guy gets clubbed in the video above.

    Otherwise I’m sure the cops would never club anyone. Ever. In New York. During a protest that is being ignored by the press enough that they probably feel like they can get away with whatever they want.

  8. What clubbing? I and my fiancee watched the vids and didn’t see any clubbing. Maybe it was going on in the background and we didn’t notice it. I’m certainly not saying there’s never any beatings by police.

    Whatever the case, I hope SOMETHING happens to that thug in a white-shirt.

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  10. the Nazi’s were not nice guys, but why do we ALWAYS USE HITLER OR THE NAZI’S AS THE VERY EMBODIMENT OF EVIL.In deed and philosophy, he was far, far, far less totalitarian, genocidal than the Chekist, the goonsquads in the KGB, NKVD who follow the most evil, fucked up, retarded doctrine written by a lazy,”academic” supported

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