American Cancer Society and Atheism

The American Cancer Society does not want your money if you are an Atheist. But that doesn’t really matter because Atheists are generally pretty smart and already knew that the American Cancer Society is not the best place to give your money.

Let me say right away that if you are going to give away some money, do it HERE. But I digress.

The Friendly Atheist has been keeping track of this. The long story short: The American Cancer Society appears to not want to have anything to do with Atheists or Atheism, but has been less than forthright in saying so. Which is understandable because it is kind of embarrassing.

Just go here and read what he links to and the letter at the focal post.

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3 Responses to American Cancer Society and Atheism

  1. Don’t forget, please.

  2. Greg Laden says:

    I didn’t forget, just that I’m running my own little fundraiser at the moment so it gets my link!

  3. Ibis3, féministe avec un titre française de fantaisie says:

    Until FBB stops supporting religious groups, I won’t be supporting them either.

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