Meanwhile at the X Blog ….

I want you to know that certain blogging and conversations are going on at the X Blog. For instance, we are speaking of The Things That Shall Not Be Named here and here. A little Dawkins, a little Watson. Go joint the fun.

Life, Death, Teenagers and Guns. A sad story but an important topic.

And a bunch of other fun stuff.

Today was a Huxley Day so my blogs are quiet but there are some interesting thing going on, including something biggish on climate change and the EPA. Also, again on the subject of The X Blog, big things are brewing over at Two things, actually. One is a fund raiser we’ll start in a couple of days, and the other is probably a secret so I better not mention it but it is spectacular. Hint: We will have to redesign the part of the side bar where we list all the bloggers on

I’ve said too much already, haven’t I?

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One thought on “Meanwhile at the X Blog ….

  1. Freethoughtblogs is great. When I haven’t quite got my fill of you over here, I go over there for even more of your stuff, and then I’m really stuffed!!

    Oh, and there’s plenty of other great bloggers over there too!


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