The Palin/Bachmann Ticket Moves Into Position

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Did anyone notice the straw poll results from the CPAC convention? CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Conference. With all this talk about Palin and Bachmann and Palin/Bachmann and Bachmann/Palin and so on and so forth, one would be surprised if they didn’t come in at or near the top of the poll. Here were the results:

Ron Raul: 30%,
Mitt Romney: 23%,
Gary Johnson 6%,
Chris Christie 6%,
Newt Gingrich: 5%,
Tim Pawlenty 4%,

Michele Bachmann 4%,
Mitch Daniels 4%,
Sarah Palin: 3%,
Herman Cain 2%,
Mike Huckabee 2%,
Rick Santorum 2%,
John Thune 2%,
Jon Huntsman 1%,
Haley Barbour 1%

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10 thoughts on “The Palin/Bachmann Ticket Moves Into Position

  1. I thought the arch-conservatives stayed away because of fear of teh gay and teh muslim.

  2. Can you imagine those two trying to outright each other? Eventually they will BOTH be marxist commie pedophile sodomites (according to each other)

  3. Ok, but… Ron Paul? How good a predictor are these straw polls?

    In 2008, Romney was first and McCain was a very very close second. So that year the poll was pretty predictive but certainly not absolute. But really, how good is the Iowa caucus? Or New Hampshire? This is a bit like that, an early indicator. Of course, this year’s will not be as important as next year’s.

  4. @Drivebyposter:
    Nope. They would both be gay black Marxist Nazi commie atheist Muslim pedophiles who weren’t born in the US and don’t have birth certificates.

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