11 thoughts on “Guess what Huxley did today!

  1. Triumph of Humanity! Well done Huxley. I don’t know about the “goofy mom” comment. I think Huxley’s mom is, quite appropriately, hot! Well done, Greg, well done!

  2. Don’t believe Amanda, Huxley. Your mom is great!

    Congrats on the walking. The lake will and cabin will be so much more fun now that you will be able to wade this summer in the water.

  3. Don’t let him watch “Family Guy”! Stewie Griffin is not a good influence on toddlers, with all that matricidal anger, advanced weaponry and everything.

  4. Change in climate opened up the African savanna and may have facilitated our adaptations for fully upright/bipedal locomotion (according to some theories).

    Our anthropogenically-enhanced (according to some theories) changing climate correlates with Huxley’s transition to bipedal locomotion.


  5. Woohoo!!! Of course this means that running is about a week away and using furniture as ladders won’t be far behind. The next thing you know, he’ll be sneaking out in the middle of the night to go carousing with his playmates and…Hmm…

    Good job Huxley, you have just opened up a world of possibilities for parental harassment.

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