15 thoughts on “I’m totally voting for this guy

  1. I don’t know if this means anything, but I did notice that the moderators and the other candidate seemed to be all white (unless I missed someone). It was interesting to see people’s reactions when a candidate didn’t play the same language games as usual – somewhere between nervous disbelief and utter dismissal (the first moderator, in particular).

    Their reaction to him was related to the white-normative nature of politics. Black people apparently can only be seriously considered for political office if they “act like white people” (whatever that means).

  2. If nothing else that man should get some kind of award for the best facial hair. Seriously, that mustache beard combination is awesome! Not too many people could wear that and look awesome. Kudos to him.

    Politically speaking his platform seemed a little one dimensional. Nevertheless, (though I’ve never been to NY) he is probably right, the rent probably is too damn high.

  3. Yes, I will add the caveat that I have no knowledge whatsoever about his objective competency or the content of his platform, but just based on this video I can see that he’s not being given the same chance as his opponent to seriously demonstrate competency. Unless they all know something I don’t.

  4. Politically speaking his platform seemed a little one dimensional.

    As opposed to the typical Republican platform:

    1) Lower taxes for the rich
    2) Vilify taxes.
    3) Claim the other guy will raise taxes.
    4) Whine about taxes.
    5) bla bla bla taxes bla.

    If you find a working class worker in Manhattan, there is a pretty good chance this person commuted via bus and train for two or three hours to get to work.

  5. I’ve told everyone I know that he should be a write-in candidate against Christine O’Donnell. Sure, they’re in totally different states, so he’s no eligible to run against O’Donnell. But trying explaining that to HER, and see how far you get.

  6. Re Nick’s comment about the Jewish landlords, maybe Mr McMillan was channeling Rabbi Ovadia Yosef? Does one hateful fool cancel out another?

    McMillan; McMillan apologized on his website but seemed unabashed in an interview with the Daily News Tuesday. “Jews were slave masters. They enslaved my people. You can’t call me anti-Semitic.”

    Josef(Rabbi Ovadia Yosef);

    In a sermon given on Saturday on laws concerning what non-Jews are permitted to do on Shabbat, Yosef said: “Goyim [non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world â?? only to serve the People of Israel.”

    Rest of the coverage here: http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/adl-slams-shas-spiritual-leader-for-saying-non-jews-were-born-to-serve-jews-1.320235

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