Huxley in Tears: Almost all baby stuff recalled !!!!

Fisher-Price recalls more than 10 million items

Fisher-Price is recalling more than 10 million tricycles, toys and high chairs over safety concerns.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that two of the products being recalled involved injuries.

In the recall of about 7 million Fisher-Price Trikes and Tough Trikes toddler tricycles, the agency is aware of 10 reports of children being hurt. Six of them required medical attention.


“First, the baba juice is recalled, now this! Who put these people in charge!” complains namesake of Darwin’s Bulldog.

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8 thoughts on “Huxley in Tears: Almost all baby stuff recalled !!!!

  1. Let me get this straight: 7,000,000 trikes made/sold. 10 reports of injuries. 6 requiring more than a bandaid and a kiss. And they recall the whole fracking 7,000,000?! My trike when I was a kid was made out of steel! It had spokes that could rip a finger off. We survived just fine without a recall.

    *grumble grumble you damn kids get off my lawn grumble*

  2. Reminds me of when my kid was a baby, and a mutual friend also had a baby and an old crib with the slats too far apart…he once said, “well, this will let us know if the kids are smart enough not to put their heads in too small places!” Fit to stay in the gene pool, or not….

  3. I tend to get more than a little annoyed by this kind of crap. IIRC, I managed to go down headfirst out of my highchair several times. I apparently used to tip my crib right over to escape. It wasn’t because my mother didn’t pay attention, it was because it was in the wee hours of the morning and if I cried my mom wouldn’t let me get up. The only times I got caught were couple of times I pinched my fingers between the crib side and the floor. While I believe that led to me getting a toddler bed when I was only two, my mother wouldn’t have dreamed of complaining to the crib manufacturer – it wasn’t their fault that I was a reasonably bright insomniac when I was a baby.

    I just don’t get how childhood can be made injury free. Youngest (two) gets banged up all the time – because he’s two. Half the time he doesn’t even cry when he falls, pain doesn’t usually determine the tears – how tired he happens to be is a much bigger factor. He has yet to require a trip to the ER (for battle wounds at least), but he is only two. Eldest has made two or three and will probably carry the scar from one of them for the rest of his life

    If kids get hurt too badly, it is often the result of parents not paying enough attention. If kids never get hurt, it’s probably because they are way too damned sheltered.

  4. â??Pegs stick out and children have fallen on these pegs,â? Inez Tanenbaum, chairwoman of the CSPC told â??Good Morning Americaâ? of the high chairs. â??Several have been injured, and seven required stitches.â?

    Ya, you know what else has pegs that stick out? BICYCLES! (and just about anything else inside and outside your house)

    If you haven’t checked it out, you might enjoy Lenore Skenazy’s blog:
    (you might enjoy it even if you have checked it out)

  5. Keep them perfectly safe as babies so they can grow up to participate in X-Treme skateboarding, mountain-biking, and martial arts.

    While you’re at it, protect them from any jobs that use any sort of machines.

  6. I wonder how many really, really dangerous toys are out there. I mean, if you sell less than 700,000, you won’t have enough data to figure out if there’s a risk or not.

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