A Sunday Science Reading List

I know a lot of you are interested in the Yellowstone Caldera. WEll, a recent article has come out on the topic in Geophysical Research Letters. Chris Rowan has summarized, reviewed, and analyzed the paper here.

The way the CDC talks about flu mortality has changed. This is interesting, important, and possibly even annoying. Superbug explains and discusses it here.

Speaking of Superbug:

(Stolen from here)

The latest on Huxley is Here. That’s T.H., not Huxley D.L. It’s the third part in The Primate Diaries biographical survey of the famous scientist.

I’ve had carved pangolin. Well, carved, brazed in palm oil and served with wild yams. Mmmmm mmmm. Here’s another kind of carved beast: Wombats, pangolins and platypuses in a Victorian mansion… in Wales. Whales? Oh, Wales.

Stilt walking fish:

Read about this thing that I’m totally sure does not really exist here. There’s another video there as well.

Also, have a look at this octopus trying itself out in a recipe.

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