PZ Myers Speaks!

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… in Edina.

Science vs. Religion: How Faith Makes Us Wrong

On Sunday, May 16th, Minnesota Atheists will host a presentation by Dr. P.Z. Myers. Myers is a biologist, associate professor at U of M Morris and webmaster of the popular site Pharyngula. His discussion will feature three examples – from physics, developmental biology, and neuro-science – where religion has clearly led people down the wrong path to incorrect answers, and where even now believers oppose many of the fact-based conclusions of science. He will be arguing that, if you try to argue that both science and religion are ways of knowing, you have to be able to test at some point whether what you know is actually correct…and that’s precisely where religion fails by not only lacking a mechanism for evaluating truth claims, but also in promoting faith claims that are active barriers to understanding.

I’m not sure if I would have called PZ a “Webmaster” although he does have untold technical HTML skills (did you know that?). He’s a blogger. Anyway, here is a PDF file that has all the necessary information about this upcoming event, and more.

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4 thoughts on “PZ Myers Speaks!

  1. I like Dawkins’ description of him: “the well-known blogwit PZ Myers”.

    I assume “blogwit” is a neologism. Dawkins is a great neologiser.

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