Death of an Historic Notable

On this day in 1885, Thomas Henry Huxley died at the age of 70. He is most famous for his sideburns, but in addition he was also involved with the study of evolution and the defense of Darwinism.

He also invented the term Agnostic. Which he was.


T.H. Huxley, Darwin’s Bulldog

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0 thoughts on “Death of an Historic Notable

  1. Give ‘im a break! It’s one o’clock in the morning! (Whew, I thought I’d gone bonkers when I read 1985!)Greg…don’t post at 1 in the morning, you are definitely NOT at your best!!

  2. I don’t know about that, I seem to recall “Dr.” Kennedy waxing poetic about how he defended Darwin because he was an extreme hedonist…So I would say he was really more famous for hedonism, then sideburns and finally Darwinism…

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