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  1. It would have been nice if Shawn had mentioned the ‘b’ and ‘p’ keys for scrolling back, along with the space bar for paging through the man page.

    I’d forgotten about the ‘-k’ option, good tip. Heck, if asked, I don’t know that I could’ve remembered any of the options for man.

    ‘~$ man man’ – duh.

  2. -k. for -kewl. Thanks for that. What might the association for k being search be, so I remember it? I never did man man before.

    Also, w pages up, z pages down, G goes to the end, g goes to the top, / without a pattern repeats the last pattern. (Shawn did mention the space bar, might have mentioned this about / but I missed it if so), and q quits.

    Note that man man describes -k as the same as the apropos command, which I use all the time. So one does man apropos to see what -k means, and discover it searches the whatis database. Wait a minute – what does that have to do with the man pages? man whatis mentions man but only as something else the author was responsible for. Does not say that the whatis database is created from the man pages (which I assume it is, but only as a guess).

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