LGBT Pride Month Poll needs your attention

PZ Myers has called for help on this one, as it’s a tough cookie. One New Snow Dot Com has a crazy yahooistic poll asking your opinion on LGBT Pride Month.

Check out PZ’s site for the state of the poll earlier today
, then click through to vote.

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0 thoughts on “LGBT Pride Month Poll needs your attention

  1. Oh, by the way, it turns out that nearly half … a plurality … of people who read the American Family Institute’s web site “One New Snow” think it is great that to have a GLBTA month. According to a recent poll.

    Everybody but Bill, apparently.

  2. Perhaps, and I’m hypothesizing, if certain folks (legions even) didn’t insist on continuing to consider homosexuality a defect (or in one way or another a flaw to be eradicated or ‘cured’) than homosexuals might not need parades and demonstrations to unite in pride against unjust discrimination and inequality?

    So long as there remains a widely held belief that homosexuality is something to be ashamed of, there remains a need for such expressions of pride to denounce such ideologies.

  3. Bill, this is the third blog I’ve seen you do this on, and the reaction is always the same. Do you really enjoy hearing how much of an ass you are, or do you have some sort of tic?

  4. It would be interesting to study the psychology of the interweb troll; can we put electrodes into his brain now? I’m just aching for some in vivo electrophysiology!

  5. Ahem, ahem… one book on being a good parent called it the law of the soggy potato chip. Just as a soggy potato chip is better than no potato chip (debatable in my opinion), irritated attention is better than no attention. As much as I enjoyed the responses, verbum sapientes…

  6. Poll seems to be closed with the “well deserved celebration” at 64% and 120630 votes.

    Somehow I doubt they’ll be linking to the results of this one from their front page…I do not however, intend on checking.

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