Genie Scott and Greg Laden Interviewed by Lynn Fellman

i-3f2f66a0b2d43a01afdc6acfdd6aa34b-mn_atheists.jpgOr, really, it is going to me more like a three way conversation. Maybe we can get Stephanie Zvan involved too, because she’s going to be right there. This is not the official announcement… I expect to get the press release tomorrow and I’ll post it. But I thought some of you would like to know in advance so you can go to Saturday Night Mass and listen to the show on Sunday Morning.

We’re going to talk about Science Education and stuff, as you might expect. 9:00 AM Central Time.

image.jpgAtheists Talk” airs live on AM 950 KTNF in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

To stream live, go here.

Podcasts of past shows are available at Minnesota Atheists or
through iTunes. For all other podcast systems, such as one you might be running on Linux, use this feed.

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0 thoughts on “Genie Scott and Greg Laden Interviewed by Lynn Fellman

  1. Lorax: I was in the middle of emailing you to ask about this (Thursday) when something happened and I had to rush out of the office (and no, it was not the “violent act” threat). Then I did not get back to it. If there is anything else you think I should know, let me know! (and call in!)

  2. Greg,

    Im sure you saw the kerfuffle reported/stirred up by MinnPost ( Its good you didnt email me Thursday, since the standards were posted on Friday.

    I did learn a few interesting things through the course of developing and finalizing the standards. I may share some of them depending on the conversation you guys have tomorrow, but Im being fairly tight lipped to not jeopardize the rule making process.

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