Someone is knocking on the door….

Hardly anyone ever visits us in our remote location in the northern Prairies, but when they do, they are important people such as Sarah Palin. So I suppose I should not have been surprized last night when the door knocker signaled a visit from … MARTHA WASHINGTON!!!


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0 thoughts on “Someone is knocking on the door….

  1. Same-sex marriage now legal in Iowa

    In a precedent-setting ruling, the Iowa Supreme Court today upheld a lower court decision legalizing same-sex marriages in Iowa.

    The unanimous court decision is expected to carry national implications as Iowa becomes the first Midwest state to grant full legal standing to gay and lesbian couples and only the third state nationally to confer marital status beyond traditional one-man, one woman unions.

    “We are firmly convinced the exclusion of gay and lesbian people from the institution of civil marriage does not substantially further any important governmental objective,” the opinion stated. “The Legislature has excluded a historically disfavored class of people from a supremely important civil institution without a constitutionally sufficient justification.”


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