Be assured: George Carlin believes in hell now…

according to this wackaloon:hat tip: atheist media

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6 Responses to Be assured: George Carlin believes in hell now…

  1. Matt Platte says:

    Meh. Personally, I’d like to reserve ‘wackaloon’ for Ken Hamm. I’m doing my part here: there’s another term that fits our Fred better, although none come to mind at the moment.

  2. clinteas says:

    On another blog,I said his facial expressions make him look like Hitler on Zoloft,and his rhetoric is like Goebbels on Viagra.A creepy creepy man.

  3. Eamon Knight says:

    It takes a lot to make me say this about another human being, but: the world will be a cleaner, brighter place when that old sack of hateful shit croaks his last. If there is a Hell, and any justice to the afterlife, Fred will be in it (for a little while — the concept of eternal punishment is deeply immoral).And to continue a meme: George is up in heaven now.

  4. Christian says:

    Pretty creepy guy, although it is hard to take him seriously. Well – I guess there really is no such thing as bad PR.

  5. Bill says:

    Each and evry one of you who deny Christ’s existance and refuse to follow him will indeed go straight to hell. Thats not some threat that is a promise to you but you wouldnt believe where it came from anyway.

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