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The newest computer is 150 years old; Whatis the most popular embedded OS?; Linux backups; HTML Editors reviewed;A century and a half ago, computer pioneer Charles Babbage designed the “Difference Engine No. 2” but it was never built. Wel, now it’s been built and is on display at the Computer History Museum, in Mountain View, California. Details here.Linux has been for some time, and still is, the top embedded operating system. Cell phones, games, robots, whatever, need operating systems, and they are called “embedded” because they are installed in the machine on ROM chips (or something similar) and are not directly accessed or upgraded by users. I remember some 20 years ago Bill Gates saying that in the near future every washing machine in the world would be running Windows. Well, it turns out that this did not come to pass. Windows was not good enough, but Linux was. Which is why your washing machine runs on Linux … 🙂 Details here. Bacula, the Linux Backup system is probably more than the average one-box user needs, but if you are more than the average one-box user, have a look.There are a number of OpenSource Linux-based HTML editors. Here is a review of three of them. The bottom line: If you use Gnome, use Screem unless you need a lot of power, then use Quanta Plus.

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2 thoughts on “Technology Tidbits

  1. I have been enjoying/still learning Bluefish in Xubuntu at home. Will probably try others when I feel like I’m OK with BF.Our campus software agreement with Microsoft includes ExpressionWeb, so we kind of have to make the best of using it because DreamWeaver is $100 per seat.

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