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Study shows the upside of anger from
Here’s a maxim from the “duh” department: People typically prefer to feel emotions that are pleasant, like excitement, and avoid those that are unpleasant, like anger.[]

Despite awareness of global warming Americans concerned more about local environment from
Last week, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared climate change a top international threat, and Al Gore urged politicians to get involved to fight global warming. Results from a recent survey conducted by a University of Missouri professor reveal that the U.S. public, while aware of the deteriorating global environment, is concerned predominantly with local and national environmental issues.[]

Uncovering the mechanisms of lightning varieties from
The mechanism behind different types of lightning may now be understood, thanks to a combination of direct observation and computer modeling reported by a team of researchers from New Mexico Tech and Penn State.[]

Ice Seals Candidates for Endangered List from
(AP) — Federal officials say they will consider listing four species of ice seals in Alaska as endangered.[]

Somalia free of polio once again from
The World Health Organization said Somalia is once again polio-free thanks to the efforts of 10,000 health workers and volunteers.[]

What a Rodent Can Do With a Rake in Its Paw

Degus are highly social, intelligent rodents native to the highlands of Chile. They adorn the openings of their burrows with piles of sticks and stones, have bubbly personalities and like to play games.But in a laboratory setting, degus can do much more than play hide-and-seek, according to a study in the online journal Plos One ( They can learn to use tools. …

More on the bat die-off in the Northeastern US

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