2 thoughts on “The Comic Guide to the Expelled Scienceblogs Kerfuffle

  1. So as long as we’re in captioning mode, I have one for your latest “Profile” photo (which I honestly like, because it looks as if there’s an interesting story behind it):Dude! No I won’t fix your smelly old sandal….Dad will fix it, though.’Cuz Dad’s a total dork.No, we don’t have internet access here. Crikey, I’m bored today.Wish I had a Wii.

  2. “Click the pretty boys”…?Greg, are you getting a little misandrist here…or worse, are you inferring *gasp* homophphph-ph-ph-phobia?Where is the outcry from those equality and equal justice, higher ground claiming sciborgs!!?? Where is the blog scandal–another man is ATT-TT-ACKED!!Oh, yeah, that’s right: sciborgs only speak up if its theoretically an ‘anti-woman’ comment….but we all know its the hair isn’t it;-)

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