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New Englanders and Others: Check out the Massachusetts Archaeological Society

MAS has played a key role in regional archaeology since its formation, and is one of the oldest and most established avocational and professional groups in archaeology in the US:

Since 1939, the MAS has studied the people whose cultural legacy is within the lands we walk upon today.MAS stimulates the study of archaeology and Native American cultural history, especially in Massachusetts, and se5rves as a bond among all students of archaeology.The MAS fosters public understanding through educational programs and publications, and promotes scientific research, careful, well-directed archaeological activity, conservation of sites, data, and artifacts, and seeks to prevent collection of specimens for commercial purposes.

Their web site is here.

Teachers Gone Wild

My wife, a biology teacher, gets crazy in the biology classroom. She is famous for her interpretive dance renditions of numerous cellular processes. The students in the first class of the day reportedly stare in disbelief and roll their eyes, but the students in the other classes throughout the day seem to love it. Several of her students have taken to filming her pedagogical paroxysms, and you know that some day, Amanda will be a YouTube Star. Continue reading Teachers Gone Wild

Jarvick … Lipitor … Something did not seem right…

So a few weeks ago, we were over at Amy and Danny’s for dinner, and somehow Lipitor came up (no, it had nothing to do with the dinner Amy was cooking!). Anyway, Amy said “Why is Jarvick a good person to promote a drug. I mean, that heart didn’t work, right?”Hmm…. Good point, I thought.And now, today’s news makes it all the more interesting… Continue reading Jarvick … Lipitor … Something did not seem right…

Space, the Final (political) Frontier…

i-fa362cef979031b3c1cae221a755ef7e-21shuttle.190.jpgAccording to the New York Times, “An

Errant Satellite Is Gone, but Questions Linger” …Should the people of the world be breathing a sigh of relief that the risk of a half-ton of frozen, toxic rocket fuel landing who knows where has passed? Or should they be worried about the latest display of the United States’ technical prowess, and see it as a thinly veiled test for a shadow antisatellite program?

Movable Type Bloggers: A Neat Tip

This is for Linux users, but there are ways to implement it on Windows and Mac boxes (but you are on your own.)If you use the movable type interface, you will know that when you generate a “Create New Entry” page, the current date is placed in the “Entry Date” filed. But, as time passes, that date does not change. So, if you work on this post for an hour, the date of your post is now an hour stale. You get the point.To fix this, you need to adjust the date before you “Publish” the post. But the date has to be in exactly the same format. And the time zone you are publishing on may not be the time zone you live in. And so on.I have a solution. Continue reading Movable Type Bloggers: A Neat Tip

Heath News

Angst-ridden teens have different brain structures: study from PhysOrg.com
It turns out your mother was right: angst-ridden teens really do have something wrong with their heads.[]

Who benefits from antidepressants? from PhysOrg.com
A new study published today in PLoS Medicine suggests that antidepressants only benefit some, very severely depressed patients.[]

A Quick Comparison of the Clinton and Obama Health Care Plans is at The Scientific Activist.

The Robot Takeover is Getting Closer

i-9156072bd52d52d27739207cb882f917-mind_control.jpgA mind control device … where your mind controls a video game, is soon to be developed, and is obviously the first step in the Robot plan to Take Over the World.

Some scary new technology will soon be coming to market: video game controllers that let you use your thoughts rather than your hands. The EPOC neuroheadsets are “designed to detect conscious thoughts and expressions as well as ‘non-conscious emotions’ by reading electrical signals around the brain”.

Reward now, punishment later. [source: Primordial Blog]Then there’s this: Continue reading The Robot Takeover is Getting Closer