Things to do on Sunday

Two fun things to do on Sunday:

1) Listen to Atheist Talk at 9: AM on KTNF, with Minnesota Atheists.

Then, when you are done with that, stop over at Har Mar Mall in Roseville Minnesota for the Twin Cities Creation Science Association Home school Science Fair. Details here.

I’m not sure if I can make it, so if you go and get a photograph or two (and don’t have your own blog), send them on to me and I’ll put them up. I’m sure people would love to see them.

Here’s the photos from last year. Sort of.

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0 thoughts on “Things to do on Sunday

  1. The hunt for the new American Creationist Young Idol. Last years winner was Brian Benson who entered the Pawleys Island Christian Academy Science Fair. Check out the comments after the article. Poor kid taking the flack for the miscreants teaching him and the ones judging the Fair.

    This isn’t fair to the kids. These kids have an interest in science but are being manipulated by religious ideology, destined to fail in the real world if they aren’t deprogrammed. Such a shame and a waste of potential talent.

    Be easy on the kids when reviewing the awards but take the abusive handlers to task with no holds barred.

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