Free Ticket to Saturn and Titan

i-59e3eed4946f4dd59902876f3c05afa4-cassie.jpgYou can fly, without leaving the comfort of your own computer, to Saturn and its moon Titan. The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and CIT have a bit of software and data that lets you climb on board the Cassini Huygens mission.

The first time you click on the button below it will automatically download and install the needed software (a free plug-in to your web-browser) and the real Cassini mission data. The download is about 15 megabytes so it should only take a minute or two. (If you use a Mac you may need to install the software after it downloads and then restart your web-browser.) Once the plug-in is installed and the mission data is loaded you’re ready for your trip to the Saturn System

Go here. Good luck.

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