Science News Tidbits

Arctic Ice Melt Top Canadian Concern (finally, they stop worrying about what the Americans are up to…; EPA to cut mercury in fish.

Arctic ice melt Canada’s top weather concern in 2007 from
The “shocking” record loss of Arctic sea ice was Canada’s top weather event in 2007, Canada’s environment ministry said Thursday.[]

EPA plan to cut mercury levels in fish from
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved a plan to reduce mercury levels in fish throughout New England and New York.[]

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One thought on “Science News Tidbits

  1. I live in Yellowknife so I’m pretty close to ‘the action’… Other than this being the best summer for bugs (or the lack there-of) the weather has been pretty typical. But over the 18 years I’ve been in the north there are noticeable trends. It has been getting warmer. And of course there’s much evidence like the article indicates re the Northwest Passage. The problem for me stems from all of the different opinions. Though the results of global warming can be shown to the average person (and with all sorts of spin to meet all sorts of ends), the science behind it, both in understanding the causes and looking for solutions, is far above most of us to make rational objective opinions. And then of course when the source is our so trustworthy government (The ministry of the Environment)… well these people just say whatever is expedient and of course politically correct and may change their opinions tomorrow.RegardsDave

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