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The FOXO factor and curing cancer; The Deep Sea is Doomed; Life in extreme environments; Bird Flu kills four-year old boy; Fruit fly sex;

FOXO factor promotes survival of oxygen-deprived cancer cells from
Scientists report that an evolutionarily conserved transcription factor may have both positive and negative effects on the growth of tumors, depending on whether or not the tumor cells have enough oxygen. The research, published by Cell Press in the December 28th issue of Molecular Cell, provides critical new information about how normal cells and cancer cells survive under stress.[]

Deep-sea species’ loss could lead to oceans’ collapse, study suggests from
The loss of deep-sea species poses a severe threat to the future of the oceans, suggests a new report publishing early online on December 27th and in the January 8th issue of Current Biology, a publication of Cell Press. In a global-scale study, the researchers found some of the first evidence that the health of the deep sea, as measured by the rate of critical ecosystem processes, increases exponentially with the diversity of species living there.[]

Study maps life in extreme environments from
A team of biologists have developed a model mapping the control circuit governing a whole free living organism. This is an important milestone for the new field of systems biology and will allow the researchers to model how the organism adapts over time in response to its environment. This study marks the first time researchers have accurately predicted a cell’s dynamics at the genome scale (for most of the thousands of components in the cell).[]

Bird flu kills four-year-old boy in Vietnam from
A four-year-old boy in Vietnam has died of bird flu, becoming the country’s fifth victim of the H5N1 viral strain reported this year, a health ministry official said Thursday.[]

How do you know whether you are male or female? from
New research published online this week in the open-access journal PLoS Biology investigates this basic and much-studied question in the fruit fly, and comes to a surprising new conclusion.[]

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