6 thoughts on “Larry King: Bill Nye vs. Richard Lindzen

  1. Gah? My brain is oozing out of my ears. Nice of that guy to quote Crichton though… that’s a reliable source. Comparable to Tom Clancy being interviewed as a “Terrorism Expert” on 9/11 (Which he was).

  2. Lindzen is remarkably grounded and mundane in addressing the science. What Bill Nye is spouting is really wild exaggerations and guesses not supported by the current science (like the thermohaline, etc.)

  3. I would strongly disagree that the thermohaline problem is not supported by current science. It is very much a factor. The system is pretty complex, but the conveyor currents are real, and their operation is linked to climate.

  4. Climate always plays a factor, but to what degree is the question. The science is just not there to predict drastic alterations by human of the thermohaline or the Gulfstream. I just have to weep for science when such alarming statements are made.

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