Flying Cars are Here!

We’ve been waiting far too long for our flying cars. Here is Popular Mechanics making note of the lack of actual flying cars:i-4de23dd46e25f83a0790043321430f47-Flying_car,_cover_of_Popular_Mechanics,_Feb_1951.jpgAnd here’s Popular Science putting in their two cents:i-2ceb8b98dd6e8eb386896ee27435965a-456px-Cover_of_Pop_Science_Mar_2006_Cover_1.jpgBut now, it seems that Flying Cars are just around the corner…From Slashdot:

“Complaints of the non-existence of flying cars as expressions of disappointment in the failure of the present to measure up to the glory of past predictions have long been a staple of popular culture but all that is about to change when Terrafugia introduces their $148,000 “Transition,” a 19-foot, two-seater that the company describes as a roadable light-sport aircraft. The problem is that the U.S. doesn’t have the infrastructure in place to make landing in front of your house a viable alternative yet and a sky filled with people who don’t have pilot’s licenses could also be a problem. The idea is to take advantage of the 6,000 public airports in the U.S. so a pilot can fly into a small airport (video) and instead of getting a rental car, just fold up the wings on the aircraft and drive away. Terrafugia expects the first production model to be ready in 2009 and says they’ve already received advanced orders for 30 to 50 Transitions.”

This is the Terrafugia car landing:i-d1582118e5ea3e546e146a5995ae7212-Screenshot1.pngAnd this is the very same car pulling into your garage.i-4379d851ff42a45b7b601069699c1c8e-Screenshot7.pngGo HERE to find out more, and HERE to see an excellent animation of the Terrafugia Flying Car.Hey, wait, that was an animation? Is it possible that they don’t quite exist yet?

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8 thoughts on “Flying Cars are Here!

  1. Every year, I hear or see something about promises for a flying car. So far, no one has delivered. There is always some issue that crops up. I think I’ll start believing it’s possible when I start seeing them on the street and in the air.

  2. How will the flying cars be regulated in wilderness areas? And what about Homeland Security and terrorist ramifications? I wonder if concerns like these are why we have been delayed from zipping around like the Jetson’s for so long. Now that the flying cars are more affordable, and profits stand to be made, it will be interesting to see what happens next. I hope that we quickly adapt to using them as peace seeking missiles / missives.

  3. It’ll require totally automated air traffic control, which is still a very long way off.Actually, in view of the energy situation, it’ll probably never happen, except for perhaps a few very wealthy individuals.

  4. Also, there would have to be some serious advances in tire technology, to withstand repeated landings as well as highway driving.And most importantly, how much gas would these things take? Probably significantly higher MPG than a Hummer. If the world is seriously in trouble, as all signs point to these days, it seems it might be pretty irresponsible for everyone to start flying around in personal planes.God, I’m such a buzzkill tonight… flying cars would be pretty damn cool.

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